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1940 Hairstyles For Long Hair

1940 Hairstyles For Long Hair. This hairstyle that works great on thick naturally wavy hair. Two rolls are created on top and the middle strand is brushed over one of them and secured with hair gel.

1940's Hairstyles - Page 5
1940's Hairstyles - Page 5 (Ophelia Robinson)
Women were meant to wear neat but practical hairdos. Hence, the women of this era wore very attractive hairstyles that allowed them to flaunt their long hairs. It's a hairdo that rebelled against the perfectly coifed and curled looks of the time.

The forties were known as one of the most popular eras for sophisticated hairstyles.

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1940s Hairstyles For Long Hair - Elle Hairstyles

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1940s Hairstyles For Long Hair - Elle Hairstyles

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1940s hairstyles

1940s hairstyles for long hair

1940s Hairstyles For Long Hair - Elle Hairstyles

1940s Hairstyles For Long Hair - Elle Hairstyles

In the evening, hair was gathered up and off the face and neck. In the early years, hair was piled high on the crown, just like daytime looks. There are looks for every hair length, from polished curls to chic waves to victory rolls and updos with hair scarves.

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