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Is It Safe To Have Acrylic Nails During Pregnancy

Is It Safe To Have Acrylic Nails During Pregnancy. A: The jury's still out on whether acrylic nails -- fake nails created by applying a chemical mixture called an epoxy over your natural nails, or over a plastic tip glued to your nails -- are safe. You can get acrylic nails during pregnancy.

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The possible risk for anyone having a manicure or pedicure is that of infection from imperfectly sterilized equipment. While the chemicals in gel and acrylic nail treatments have not been found to be harmful during pregnancy, it's a good idea to wear gloves to protect your hands from UV light to avoid getting blotchy skin. Instead of gel nails, maybe treat yourself to a new nail polish instead, or go for a natural look between treatments.

Moreover, there are two particular chemicals that are harmful not only to your baby, but also yourself, if you are frequently exposed to them.

Every nail tech I know has worked right through all their pregnancies.

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In addition, the UV lights used to dry the nails have been linked to skin cancer. I would however recommend maybe just get a manicure instead. Ventilation : The main risk with the use of acrylic nails is from the products themselves and the fumes that are associated with them.

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