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Nail Art Bugs

Nail Art Bugs. Deadly Beauty and Nails Studio puts dead spiders, lady bugs, and other creepy creatures into their nail art. The standard colors that you use for ladybug designs are red, black, and white.

Adorable Bug Nail Art - From Mane 'n Tail
Adorable Bug Nail Art - From Mane 'n Tail (Dollie Bridges)
Insider Beauty first discovered this new look, which all goes back to. Yes, dead bugs are being placed on fingernails as nail art. That's definitely going to cause people to do a double take.

Nails have proved to be one of the best canvases to create such cute animal designs.

The nail tech. and artist, Nic Casati, allows her clients to bring the dead bugs with them into the salon and then, she uses them as decoration to create some pretty trippy designs.

Adorable Bug Nail Art - From Mane 'n Tail

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MM Bug Silicone Miniature Molds: Mouse, Spider, Beetle, Ladybug, Dragonflies & Butterflies for Nail Art, Jewelry, Dollhouse Crafts, ect. See more ideas about nail art, ladybug nails, nail designs. What's more, ladybug designs are also used in nail art.

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