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Braids In A Bun Hairstyles

Braids In A Bun Hairstyles. Create two braids in shape if a heart, in the center of your back head, and two other twists on the sides. A braided bun is a great idea for lovers of African American braided hairstyles, like cornrows, box braids, goddess braids, Senegalese twists and so on.

Pancaked Bun of Braids | Updo Hairstyles | Cute Girls ...
Pancaked Bun of Braids | Updo Hairstyles | Cute Girls ... (David Newman)
Work your way up to the crown of your head, then secure the hair, so it's in double ponytails. "These types of braids can be damaging depending on how tight or heavy the braids are. The bun hairstyle is a classic for women and men. It can be a crown braid updo, Mohawk braid and a low braided bun or a half up hairstyle with a headband braid, to name a few.

The bun is styled high with two braids at the back and there are braids in the actual bun too.

Upside down braids are so much fun because they make a bun with braids hairstyles an equal hair length opportunity!

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Below is a large and growing photo collection of many different types of bun hairstyles for women. For an on-trend take, try combining buns with double braids. Each of the variations is super cool and greatly glamorous.

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