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Puppy Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Puppy Eyes Makeup Tutorial. Puppy eyes, not to be mistaken for dog eyes, is another one of Korea's cutesy beauty trends we're happy to import. Of course Puppy Makeup! ^^ Win everybody's heart by giving them a cute and lovely stare lol *w* Here is the easy step by.

How To Rock The Puppy Eyeliner Trend
How To Rock The Puppy Eyeliner Trend (Ruth Ward)
Terdapat bahkan kebanyakan perempuan yang berdampak nggak percaya diri waktu tidak memakai make up. It's best to play with these looks yourself. With cat eyes, you may find yourself making several attempts before settling for your fifth line.

Jen's Verdict: As someone who often tries (and fails!) to get the perfect cat eye, I found that following the natural downward slope of my eyes was—surprisingly—much easier to get a symmetrical finish.

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How To Rock The Puppy Eyeliner Trend

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Here is my video tutorial, hope you all enjoy and don't forget to subscribe me okay? For people with natural cat eyes trying to achieve puppy dog eye makeup you can expect to maybe create a different "natural downward curve line" then what you natural have, whereas my round eye shape creates the perfect curve down to achieve the look. Puppy eye makeup tips Celebrating Earth Dog year, let's forget the cat eye and try puppy dog eye makeup!

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