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Sunken Eye Makeup Effect

Sunken Eye Makeup Effect. With a light shade of dark and matte color on the lower eyelid. Sunken eyes may not cause any adverse symptoms, apart from the skin around the eyes appearing darker and 'hollow'.

Makeup for sunken eyes / deep set eyes - YouTube
Makeup for sunken eyes / deep set eyes - YouTube (Bryan Weber)
Sunken eyes To apply make-up to sunken eyes you must select beauty tricks that allow you to visibly enlarge the eyes. I have very deep eye sockets that make my face look sunken in. For example, if you are young and have been trying to lose weight quickly, you might experience dark circles under your eyes caused by fat loss in the delicate skin of the under-eye area.

Over-the-counter antihistamines and eye drops can help reduce allergy symptoms, while prescription.

Sunken eyes on the other hand may be caused by dehydration, excessive caffeine or soda.

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Most cases of sunken eyes relate to the quality of an individual's nutrition and. A lower eye-lift, aka blepharoplasty, can remove any loose skin under the eyes that makes hollowing look worse, and the fat can be repositioned or added to smooth out sunken skin. Sunken eyes or hollow under eyes are medically termed as 'tear trough hollows'.

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