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Traditional Egyptian Eye Makeup

Traditional Egyptian Eye Makeup. The two main forms of eye makeup were grepond eye paint and black kohl. An ancient Egyptian woman time-traveling to the present would surely find much to puzzle her but hand her a modern kohl container and stick and she would know exactly what to do with it.

Ancient Egyptian Eye Makeup - tutorial for men and women
Ancient Egyptian Eye Makeup - tutorial for men and women (Minnie Carter)
There are also several indications that eye makeup held religious significance as green galena eye paint is mentioned in the Pyramid Texts. In those times, Egyptians wore black kohl around their eyes to shield them from the sun and to ward off eye infections. the make up itself. Eye Makeup Ancient Egyptians depict themselves in hieroglyphics and sarcophagi with wide, almond-shaped eyes totally surrounded with eyeliner.

One of the most striking things about an ancient Egyptian look is the eye makeup.

Another possible use for this cosmetic jar could have been to store perfumed oil.

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To do the traditional Egyptian eye makeup there are many ways but here we will tell you an easy one.i.e. Whether for a Halloween costume or just a dramatic makeup effect, with a little practice, you can achieve that look. Both were applied using ivory, wood, or sticks made of metal.

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