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Diagonal Nail Art

Diagonal Nail Art. Your friends will be so impressed, they'll think you had a professional manicure. With a small piece of masking tape, though, you'll make perfect-looking diagonal lines every time.

soft pink diagonal french - Nail Art Gallery
soft pink diagonal french - Nail Art Gallery (Jennie Vargas)
The art diagonal nail is to create an oblique line which starts from one end of the free edge, until it reaches the opposite side, passing from the center of the nail bed. The diagonal lines should be going in a different direction on each nail -- they shouldn't be uniform. Lots of these DIY nail art ideas are perfect for beginners, too.

If you're using the sticky tape, a good tip is to dab the sticky side against the back of your hand a couple of times before you attach it to your nail.

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Diagonal nail art. | OrdinaryMisfit

Diagonal french with lines - Nail Art Gallery

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diagonal nail art

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Etsy Easy to use and very simple, allowing you to create beautiful nails in no time at all !! Check out the how to's from our favorite DIY beauty blogs and learn how to get these artsy nails for yourself. Hats off to both players for a great game in such heat.

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