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Easy Batman Nail Art

Easy Batman Nail Art. Complete Instructions Included Prime Day Live. See more ideas about batman nails, batman nail art, nail art. to create Batmans sidekick robin nail art start by painting the whole nail light red. after the red is dried add the green to make it look like a basic manicure. paint a black kinda large circle in the middle of the red polish. after the black is dried use the yellow nail art polish and draw a capital R. and your finished robin Bring out the creativity in you!

Batman Nails - Nail Art Gallery
Batman Nails - Nail Art Gallery (Steven Olson)
For those pretty girls, you can also paint your batman nails into the bright pink shade. You can have beautiful batgirl nails with no painting skills needed at all. You can see this famous picture in all kinds of comics, novels and films.

Instead of adding the scary elements such a bats and witches on a broom on all your nails, add them only on two fingers.

What else do you need to look the part?

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The floral pattern that has ruled past season as well as this one; and trending today more than ever is always a choice for a cute and simple nail design. I've already set up a Cricut Design Space project you can use. The joker nail art even batman would admit these joker nail art looks are seriously impressive.

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