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How To Apply Stamping Nail Art

How To Apply Stamping Nail Art. If you are interested in nail art, you may want to try using a nail stamper. Scrape across the plate using a scraper to get rid of the excessive nail polish.

Simple Bow Nail Art Tutorial With Nail Stamping Kit ...
Simple Bow Nail Art Tutorial With Nail Stamping Kit ... (Troy Butler)
Press the stamper onto the plate before it gets dry, and press evenly so that the design is picked in a good shape. Put it high on the nail, toward the tip, or in a lower corner. Apply A Base Coat & Then The Nail Shade Of Your Choice Apply base coat or regular polish on your nails.

Clean up your nail cuticles using q-tip and nail polish remover.

The kit is intended to be used one-on-one by the artist.

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Let me know what your opinion is about this video and the S. Apply a dollop and apply one gentle stroke without pressing down on the nail too much. Transfer the image from the stamper to the nail by lining up the edges of the image and the nail, firmly pressing the stamper (the design) across your nail in a rolling motion (left to right).

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