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How To Clean Brand New Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Brand New Makeup Brushes. Kjøp nå på nett eller bestill og hent i din VITA butikk. Follow the steps below to properly clean makeup brushes.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes | POPSUGAR Beauty
How to Clean Makeup Brushes | POPSUGAR Beauty (Nannie Rose)
Best Way to Clean Makeup Brushes. There's need to spend tons of money! After all, they're new and still in their plastic packs, so they're bound to be clean and germ-free, right?

Brushes are a big investment, so we should be doing our best to protect them.

After the cleanser on your palm changes color from the residual grime, continue the cleansing.


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If you're new to the makeup brush cleaning game, a straightforward brush cleaner is a great place to start. All kinds of anti-bacterial soap will work to clean and disinfect your makeup. Move and separate the bristles as you wash the brushes so that the water gets down into the center of the brush.

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