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How To Fix Shedding Makeup Brushes

How To Fix Shedding Makeup Brushes. Whether your paint brushes are cheaper or high end, shedding bristles are the bane of every painter's existence! Here is how to reshape your makeup brushes.

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How To: Clean Makeup Brushes | Easiest & Cheapest Way ... (Kathryn Perry)
Ideal for synthetic fiber and natural hair, this brush cleanser needs no water to thoroughly clean makeup brushes. Run your fingers through the hair. There is nothing more discouraging in your painting rhythm than when a brush sheds on your canvas.

Be careful not to be overly aggressive with your bristles, as this may lead to excess.

Once you have all your brushes, begin inspecting them.

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Even for the brushes that needed two rounds of cleaning, it only took about a minute per brush. Use the hot glue gun to apply glue to the inside base of the brush where the handle is attached. No pre. "Unfortunately, there are plenty of makeup brushes that shed initially during use," says Patinkin. "It's just a matter of time and how long you're willing to ride it out.

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