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Nail And String Art Christmas

Nail And String Art Christmas. To start off, you'll want to tie a knot around the first nail of your first letter and then start weaving in and out of the nails. Actually "the rest" is this Christmas string art project.

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Pin on String art (Fred Young)
Use a pencil to draw outlined letters of your chosen word or phrase directly onto the wood plaque. Ideal craft idea with kids for gifting and decorating. Making string art can also be a fun family project.

Using embroidery floss, outline the perimeter of the shape.

Make sure to use all six threads of the embroidery floss.

String Art Christmas Tree Christmas Tree String Art

If you want to order an owl, they are available in my etsy ...

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Pin on String art

Pin on string art

Pin on Nail and string art

There are really no limitations to the patterns you can achieve and the designs you can make using the string art technique. It going to be hard to kill this one! Print off one of my nail string art patterns and center it on the board.

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