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Acrylic Nails And Gel Nails

Acrylic Nails And Gel Nails. Nageldesign ganz einfach zuhause selber machen. They differ from each other with respect to the look, materials, cost, application process, safety and the removal of the nails.

Flame nail art | #flamenails | acrylic nails | gel nails ...
Flame nail art | #flamenails | acrylic nails | gel nails ... (Loretta Chapman)
Choosing the right type of artificial nails is more than a cosmetic decision. Getting acrylic nails is usually cheaper than gel application. Both gel and acrylic nails are durable but the latter is generally more durable.

Low quality gel nails often discolor when nearing the end of their lifespan, so make sure to only get the best.

It's a mix of acrylic monomers that hardens under UV light, creating that smooth, glossy finish.

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The Pro & Cons of Acrylic Nails. If you're new to gel nails, know that gel nails and gel polish are different things - gel nails are an enhancement to strengthen or lengthen your nails, while gel polish is a type of colored polish that lasts longer than standard nail polish. See more ideas about gel nails, nails, nail designs.

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