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Does Beard Hair Fall Out During Chemo

Does Beard Hair Fall Out During Chemo. The resulting chemo has caused hair loss and, of course, beard loss. Most types of chemotherapy will cause general hair loss of the whole body including the beard.

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Alopecia barbae is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss in the beard. It's your hair, it's your cancer and it's your decision. When hair loss begins during cancer treatment, it can fall out in clumps.

These caps are worn before, during, and after chemotherapy and can be effective.

It most often begins two to three weeks after your first cycle of chemotherapy.

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I don't think I experienced any hair regrowth during chemo. I had a tumor in the back of my throat that was treated with radiation after surgery. Because of this, fully shaving the scalp may result in added irritation once the hair starts to grow back in and emerge through the scalp.

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