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French Girl Makeup Look

French Girl Makeup Look. The French girl hair tends to be their crowning glory and makeup tends to take second place with a look that's the bare minimum in terms of products. The reason behind this is that their underlying aesthetic is classic and accessible.

Master French-Girl Beauty | Red lip makeup, Beautiful ...
Master French-Girl Beauty | Red lip makeup, Beautiful ... (Edna Scott)
Von Mueffling first worked for companies like Clarins and Dior, then became a beauty journalist herself. A signature red lip is a staple of the French look; it adds a little drama and can be worn with jeans and T-shirt as well as a cocktail dress. Indeed, French women don't rely on makeup to give them a complete makeover, but instead, they prefer it to enhance their natural features.

French girl beauty Lea Seydoux.jpg Marie Claire is supported by its audience.

From the brushed-up brows to the dewy skin and red lipstick, we adore everything about the French girl beauty look here at beautyheaven.

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Not only is the signature French girl look wonderfully low maintenance, it also helps that some of makeup's biggest brands have come straight out of France, meaning there are a plethora of products that make executing the almost impossibly chic look surprisingly easy. The French girl make-up modus operandi is defined by doing the least amount possible to achieve the most refined look, especially when it comes to beauty. I want you all to feel confident in your own skin, and have fun with your beauty routine!

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