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Hairstyles To Do With Medium Box Braids

Hairstyles To Do With Medium Box Braids. This is a stunning hairstyle that will look amazing if you want to look like a glam goddess. Blonde Ponytail The ponytail is one of the simplest styles to do with medium box braids.

Medium Box Braids Hairstyles
Medium Box Braids Hairstyles (Matilda Ferguson)
You can look exquisite and at the same time, it is very simple to do. Here medium width plaits get the full effect treatment with a bold ombre color gradient that shifts from a medium brown into a rich cinnamon hue. Like with any crochet style, braid your natural hair into cornrows, then attach pre-braided hair using the crochet hook method.

Pixie Box Braids with Ponytail: The second one is the Pixie Box Braided ponytail.

Medium box braids can be worn in many different ways to create unique and fun box braids styles.

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Medium Box Braids Hairstyles

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These gorgeous box braids are dyed in the granny-chic silver gray hue, and the multiple strands make for a very lovely 'do. As a result, they need hairstyles that go with their profession as well as the beauty trends. Let the ends loose and show that curl, girl!

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