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How To Look Like A Doll With Makeup

How To Look Like A Doll With Makeup. So, I hope you like my first video! You can create the same look using makeup, even if your eyes aren't very large or deep-set naturally.

How to look like a doll (make up) - YouTube
How to look like a doll (make up) - YouTube (Matthew Nash)
Keep the blush purposely heavy, or in a distinct circle shape, for a more dramatic doll look. Use lots of super sparkly and shiny lip gloss. An anime character is unlike other cartoon character — as they are cuter, often with brightly-colored hair, large eyes, a tiny nose, and unrealistic body proportions. (Picture: TikTok) A few years back, the Bratz challenge saw makeup lovers across the country doing themselves up to look like the dolls.

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To start, massage a layer of primer onto your face.

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Add a highlighter to the top outer edge of your cheekbones to make them more rounded and full-looking. It's actually pretty easy to apply Barbie makeup. This makeup tutorial explains you how to.

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