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How To Make You Look Younger With Makeup

How To Make You Look Younger With Makeup. As a general rule, you need to go in the opposite direction to look younger with makeup. Heavy makeup can also settle into fine lines, drawing attention to wrinkles and creases.

Makeup mistakes that make you look older
Makeup mistakes that make you look older (Fred Davis)
Instead, look for a lightweight, luminous foundation - it'll give you a dewy, fresh look. Top the liner with a lip gloss for hydration and a little glimmer."—. Remove eye circles Look younger by defining your eyes with long, lush lashes.

Coconut oil's lauric acid hydrates and menthol increases blood flow, swelling lips temporarily while boosting collagen production for longer-lasting volume.

A little bit of makeup, skillfully applied, can be a great way to feel and look better. "Makeup has a softening, glowing effect on the face," Linter says.

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Dab a bit of Vaseline or shiny lip gloss on the middle of your lower lip. And, one of the easiest ways to make yourself look older is by not doing anything about this dryness! That's why accentuating the lower parts of your facial features doesn't help.

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