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My Makeup Looks Cakey

My Makeup Looks Cakey. Getting a makeup sponge wet is practically magic. Give Your Makeup Staying Power and Avoid Cakey Foundation Even though the problem could be your foundation, the issue could be your prep and application of your foundation.

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup - YouTube
How To Avoid Cakey Makeup - YouTube (Bradley Fields)
To prevent that from happening, you need to make sure it's gone before you set with powder. This does not mean, though, that you need to overdo it. After all, you put face makeup on in order to feel more confident and accentuate your natural beauty—not to call attention to your imperfections!

This one ties in with the last, but hydration really is key when it comes to avoiding a foundation that looks cakey, flaky and… crusty (lovely) by the time your lunch break comes around.

While I was editing this video I got tired of myself haha.

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Liz says, "Normally I use a powder puff and press a loose powder into the T. Certain foundations are not suited to your particular skin type or condition, others contain compounds which simply do not work well. Excess oil is the number one way for makeup to cake up on your face.

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