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Perfect No Makeup Look

Perfect No Makeup Look. She recommends a applying a layer of SkinGlass by Noorface all over your face for a lit-from-within look without appearing too shiny. For a no-makeup look, liquid and cream formulas work best because they tend to melt into the skin and leave behind a sheen that mimics your skin's natural glow, explains makeup artist Renée Loiz.

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Make your smile prettier by adding a little bit of blush to your cheeks. Here's my tips to achieving this stunning look. The "no-makeup" makeup look may be an oxymoron, but that doesn't mean it's a contradiction!

While makeup is an art, acing that impeccable no-makeup look is even harder.

A perfect no makeup look is all about looking flawlessly natural and not heavily made-up or toned.

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The Right Foundation A good tinted moisturizer is a great option when doing a no-makeup look, or if you can, skip it all together. Usually a sheer, less pigmented product would be seen in a negative light, but this is great for a blush. When it comes to cosmetics, the barely-there, less-is-more philosophy actually makes a lot of sense.

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