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Why Nails Fall Off

Why Nails Fall Off. An infection can change the appearance of your nail. Causes There are several common causes of a nail falling off.

Snacking Squirrel: When Toenails Fall Off
Snacking Squirrel: When Toenails Fall Off (Julian McBride)
The toenail has ripped off. (The nail bed may look pearly, as though the nail is still there. These include fungal infections, injuries, and psoriasis. Other reasons include poor adhesion, poor application, incorrect use of tips and sizing and poor glue quality..

It could be because of unhealthy nails, allergies, or the medication you are taking.

When a fingernail falls off, it cannot be reattached.

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Onycholysis is not uncommon, and it has several possible causes. Fungal nail infection can be one of the many reasons for fingernail falling off. It is common when an injury causes the falling of the nail.

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